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Trees on the greyhound?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TalkativeBaggy, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Anything to be worried about?
  2. nah I traveled all up and down the atlantic coast and was never searched. maintain a low profile, keep it stashed in a good spot you should be fine
  3. going thro texas they brought a drug dog on the bus and found my bubbler and broke it didnt get charged tho
  4. Jar it so it doesn't stink, a baggie of dank will stink up the whole bus :D
  5. Snoop and many artist have been busted in Texas for mj. They don't play there.
  6. I have had my bag searched a couple times prior to getting on the bus.
  7. Yea ive taken many greyhounds and some times they do have dogs present. most of the time they dont though. I would just wrap it super good and put it in a jar or just mail it ahead of time.
  8. Since you are riding on a dog, you will most likely encounter others as they often travel in packs, especially the greyhound breed :smoking:

  9. ...they're tree-dogs, run about tree-fiddy :smoking:
  10. if i were you i wouldnt take anything that was real stinky lol. and dont take a ridiculous amount

  11. That's the only place I've ever encountered drug dogs, and I've only been searched in Salt Lake City, and that was a peek into my carry on, no pat down. Don't reek of bud and/or get caught smoking and you should be fine.
  12. I was thinking the exact same thing but with edibles

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