Tree perc Vs Circ perc

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    Which in your personal opinion is better? I've been looking around of threads on this topic but haven't seen too many. I know it's personal preference but which gives the better hit? Better diffusion? How many slits on a circ would equal an arm on a tree or vice versa?

    I'm planning on grabbing one of the new us tubes and I'm stuck between a circ perc and a 12 or 16 arm tree.

    Edit: Here are the two tubes I was considering, notice how they've started to put verticle slits on their tree perc. First a side by side then a close up of the percs itself.
  2. imo circ's are superior if made correctly. and a lot easier to clean and a little less drag. Get the circ.
  3. [quote name='"MASS GLASS420"']imo circ's are superior if made correctly. and a lot easier to clean and a little less drag. Get the circ.[/quote]

    Nailed it

  4. circ...tree percs seem almost outdated...

  5. damnit i was literally just about to say that lol

  6. Lmfao same here! Definitely get the circ :bongin:

  7. ......

    [ame=]Luke Wilson Squidline Bubbler Freeek Glass Collab - Leisure Ltd. Zach P, PaKoH, Micah Evans - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Luke Wilson 54 Arm Bubbler Vertigo Collab Set Water Testing - YouTube[/ame]
  8. It depends on how each is made. Iv had a no name 4 arm With the bottoms closed off unfortunately and its pretty smooth. They are a lot harder to clean though, even with nail polish remover. Circ percs r really cool thats wat I'm looking into getting for my next piece. Gotta have polished slits and of course gridded. Could always get a 2 chamber one With both
  9. Lol the squidline is completely different from a regular tree perc. your argument is invalid
  10. So it looks like everyone is leaving toward the circ. Trees do really seem outdated, but beakers themselves seem to be outdated so I'm not too worried about that. It always seems like someone is trying to reinvent the tree perc every other week. I think if they crossed tree percs and shower heads we'd be onto something. Like each arm bushing out into 10 slits. Bumping for new opinions since I've added pictures.

  11. My argument isn't invalid, as it it just a type of tree perc. I wanted to throw it in there to just show the creativity you can achieve with a tree. You want some more examples of great tree percs? Here you go! ;) (the first one is circ to tree. pro-tip!)

    [ame=]Luke Wilson Glass Circ to 14 - Ben Wilson Triple Donut Disc Screen Slide- Leisure Glass, Roor Gilded - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]Luke Wilson 15 arm perc, mini 10 arm downstem mini beaker - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]Worm/2ba 31 Arm Tube - YouTube[/ame]

    Here's an inverted 4 arm. Imagine if L. Wilson made a 15 arm inverted tube. Would be madness.

    [ame=]Sovereignty Glass Inverted Four Arm w/ Luke Wilson Disc Screen Party Funnel Leisure Glass - YouTube[/ame]

    My point is this: Tree percs are not outdated. You just think of them when you think of china.
  12. the squidline is in no way a tree perc if anything its more of an inline. Tree percs are outdated any well made circ will function better that a tree perc, less drag, more diffusion, easier to clean. And circs can be gridded to make them even more functional. the only way to bump performance in a tree perc is to add more arms, I don't know about you but a 54 arm tree perc seems more like a gimmick to me, that shit would be a pain in the ass to clean and that shit costs like 2 grand. just my .02

    And im not shit talking the tree perc im just saying that i feel A circ is superior.
  13. Lol, the first one is just a tree perc with a showercap below it

    in the second one the 10 arm downstem only uses a couple of the arms during the pull

    and when it comes down to it, inverted trees and regular trees are pretty much 2 completely different percs. I would say that an inverted tree is more similar to a disk perc.

    Now don't get me wrong, some blowers can make some amazing trees that I would love to own, but when it comes down to it they are a bit less functional than other types of percs
  14. The absolute best way to make the slits on a tree fire is by reinforcing them to the bottom. It forces the smoke out of the slits rather than a gaping hole at the bottom.
  15. Sick tubes cant go wrong with a circ...will someone post a vid of the vertical slitted perc ive never seen how they fire?
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    I don't know where all the "trees are outdated" talk comes from. The fact that a circ is a more functional version of a old dome does not make a circ outdated, why is this the case for a new tree compared to the old school 4 arms?

    Off the top of my head I can say SG, SGW, Mad Rob, Vertigo and Itza are all including new styles of trees in their repertoire (many of them gridded) and there are many more artists doing the same. Everything is changing and getting better in the glass industry not just circs. Trees aren't "outdated" by any means, they are still improving with everything else.

    I have an Itza 8/13 and a gridded 2011bc circ, both are great. They obviously draw and stack differently, but the only major difference I notice is (as previously mentioned) the cleaning. I keep my glass spotless all the time (I clean immediately after I smoke) and the itza can still be a pain to clean sometimes, so if thats a big deal for you, get the circ instead, if not go for whatever you feel looks better, they will both function well.

    **Those vertical slits look interesting, I would love to see them in action.
  17. gridded circ to gridded/braced 8-arm, kills it imo, and u get the best of both worlds :smoke:
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    I would go for that tree. Ive had a circ and own a tree. But have never owned a tree with those diffusers.
  19. I just got a new circ and it hits smoke up
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    Zob or hvy makes a 4 arm showerhead tree.... its on waterlab

    personally a squid-line is my favorite diffuser... sad nobody makes them (ive only seen two)

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