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Discussion in 'General' started by Slug420, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. HERE

    sup everyone

    im not here to spam delete it u think it is

    anyway i usually hate sites like this cause there all scams i actually found a legit you could easly make alot of money fast and dont gotta spend a penny

    check it out

    all u do is fill out surveys , forms and alot easy crap like that i already made $70 in 5 days

    check out there forum where every1 is posting picks of there checks they recieved if u dont believe
  2. This will most likely be labelled spam due to the fact that you've included your referral link, in an attempt to gain more money. Although I've also heard that this website works.
  3. whatever dude, Ive heard of this and heard its legit... all u do is seriously take surveys... heard about it from a number of people... ty for telling me about it. +rep
  4. Whatever dude, I've heard about this from many people, and they say its legit. Ive been trying to find a site like it. Thanks for showing me one.. +rep

    EDIT: didnt mean to post 2 times... sry, meant to delete the first one

  5. no prob u should check out there forum tons of pep there post there checks recieve every month

    look for all the offers with this by it

    "Enter email address with intent to participate"
    "Enter zip address with intent to participate"

    there easy as shit just put in you email and zip and press done and theres a ton of them
  6. Id reccommend removing the direct links, put it under a word..
    e.g - Type "Here" highlight "Here" and click on the hotlink button, THAN paste the link..

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