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Treasure Beach Jamaica 1 Ounce of Dank $13

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thefilmbuff, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I just went to treasure beach this weekend and got a ounce for $13. i got it straight off the stalk its crazy good. i'm uploading some pics now.

    i'll upload more pictures later internet is so slow here. i got some sweet macros and a full size pictures of the whole stalk.

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  2. Wow, I wish I would have went to Jamaca over vacation haha.
  3. soo... you got to pick it fresh? like its completely uncured and wet still?
    well too bad you dont have time to finalize it, would probably be a kick ass smoke then.
    looks dank though, save any seeds you find (jamaica has good stabilized strains).
  4. hahah, they gave you the whole stalk and everything eh?

    $13 is a fuckin' steal though. 'grats. :)
  5. who would wanna smoke wet undryed/uncured weed? o.0
  6. wowowo my friends in jamacia right now as well my uncle said he once got a qp for 40 bucks but sadly he couldnt bring it home:(
  7. Who the fuck cares! Its an ounce for $13 !! Haha congrats man, enjoy! :smoking:
  8. I don't think you know what Uncured weed feels like. It's literally wet, and is nearly impossible to smoke in a wrap of any kind. Simply leaving it to try for a couple hours/days will probably fix it.
  9. can you guys honestly not see that it is trimmed nicely and dried??
  10. lol wtf idk that bud looks dry and manicured to me.

    last post from jamica the guy had all the buds on the stalk im thinking thats just the way jamicans do it.

    and still even if the oz dried it would be super cheap for what u got most people on here pay like 20 a gram lol!
  11. Good deal. I would make that deal even if it wasn't cured yet. I've never cured bud but it sounds simple.
  12. fucking amazing deal bro, have some fun with that! my two friends just came back from jamaica and they said there was amazing weed there and it was very very cheap.
  13. thats how shit is in mexico.

    i got an O for 100 pesos or 10 bucks.

    it had some seeds but was sticky and dense.
  14. mexican weed sucks. i live in tx and know so many people who have gone to mexico. everyone says unless youre going to traffic, buying weed is a wast of money. just buy a bunch of pahrmys and get super fucked up. plus u can bring pharmys back.

    but yeah i'd fuck with that jamacian corn for the 13.
  15. when me and my mom went to jamacia we picked up a qp of dankest i've ever seen for 100 in negril.
  16. is weed completly legal in jamaca?
  17. i know, im sorry.. i just wanted to be lazy for a second.

    btw: i have every dave chappelle dvd hes ever done
  18. dave chappelle is a god among men.

  19. nah dude i got some dank chronic

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