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Trazodone... the drug of no recreation? Not entirely

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by NFloyd2357, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. So until today, I agreed with everyone else here in that Trazodone had zero recreational value. I was prescribed it to fall asleep, but i never even took it. Well today i just really wanted to get high, so i decided to do a little research and experimentation. I looked at the way trazodone affects your body and how its metabolized, so i concluded that it could possibly potentiate benzo's/klonopin.

    Now those of you on here that know me know i take a good amount of klonopin. .5mgs really doesn't do anything.

    But here I am, 1.5 hours later, on 50mg of trazodone (left over RX i never used) and .5mg of klonopin. It feels like i took about 2-3 mgs of klonopin. I'm thinking about another .5 mg and a soma in about 30 mins or an hour (after i look up the soma interaction as well). I doubt i'll add another trazodone - don't wanna fall asleep
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    Glad to see someone enjoys it.

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