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  1. I got alotta them leftover from a script nd wondered if anyone had any recreational experience. I went on erowid and read some reports and one person who snorted them said colors where brighter, he was happy as hell and he walked like he was drunk. So anyone have any experiences?
  2. snorting sleeping medicine? doesnt sound healthy IMO...i really doubt that would have any positive effects on ya bro, take one smoke a bowl/blunt and have a good night sleep and think about it!!
  3. Trazadone are good when you wanna sleep after doing coke, but thats about it.
  4. The person on erowid who wrote a report said when he snorted one tht it had 0 burn aat all and he got a pleasent tingling sensation in his head.
    still im not gonna snort it though.
    I dont like snorting pharms, to many fillers.:(
  5. I have a script of them left and they ain't worth a shit, they suck. They're great for sleeping though.
  6. It's not a sleep medicine. Drowsiness is just a side-effect.

    It's a mood stabilizer... I would not take it for recreational purposes, but it CAN fuck you up... most likely not in a good way.
  7. Thnxs for tht help ill keep that in mindafter blowin sum yayo 2night
    Im tired of not bein able to fall asleep after tht girl and then i end up just stayin up till 5 with my friend doin lines and then lookin on the ground/table/mirror for little balls, lol:cool:

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