Traveling To Cancun With Edibles

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by buddyscout, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. I am traveling to Cancun soon and wanted to bring some edibles with me but am concerned about the drug dogs they may or may not have at the airport.
    Please advise...

  2. About the only edibles I would take into any airport would be the ones I just ate. Not worth it. You can find weed all over the Caribbean.

    Sent from somewhere over there.
    No, not there...over THERE.
  3. I took a bunch of hash oil with me on multiply trips. Fits right into my shaving bag. So easy
  4. Look if the edibles don't smell then just a plastic bag but I would never risk a big airport but if you have those smaller airports that dont have that much security( and i mean close to non) that do fly out to places you want bring it and with airtight seel bring weed but it could always be risky
  5. there are world-wide shipping service available... just sayin' ... 
  6. it's mexico, theres pot everywhere. and i was at cancun 4 monts ago. get your shit there you'll be fucked at the airport
  7. I've always wondered about this. U buy food at the airport and can bring snacks in your carry on bag. Can they really tell if u have like a lollipop or something? Not in its original packaging of course.. why not wrap a brownie in a Starbucks wrapper or something.? I could see bringing a few but not a bunch.
  8. unless its a lollipop with a chewy pot center I would not do it.

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