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traveling around europe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jrbull, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. I'm going to be traveling around Europe by train. Specifically London, Paris and Amsterdam. I know traveling with bud on trains here in the states is no problem, but how high is the drug security at train and subway stations in Paris and London? So if any one lives over there or has been there I'd really appreciate any info. Thanks in advance
  2. more than likely really low, considering those are two major cities and theres alot of people gonna be riding with you. dont listen to me though, ive never been to any of those places:p.
  3. i can't say that i know the european rails super well but while i was riding in France and Italy i had no problems with anything at all and i was riding trains the day after those two russian twins decided to suicide bomb them trains.

    i don't think i ever saw a dog and i was riding through areas in paris, florence, and you should be good

    edit: go to the bathroom when you can, i only saw it in Venice but i noticed some train stations charged about a euro to use the bathroom
  4. Bumpin'
  5. Sorry, but one last bump. Other possible locations of train travel: Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany

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