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  1. Next summer i'll have more than enough money saved up to travel all across Europe. Me and some buddies of mine are going. I'm thinking of getting Eurail train pass that allows me to travel basically anywhere in Europe. Probably going to sleep at hostels most of the time. Does anyone have any experience traveling Europe? I'm looking for any first hand information that might help me and how to see the most while i'm there and make the most out of my money. Thanks everyone :)
  2. Rule one in Europe- dont talk about Europe
    Rule two in Europe- dont talk about Europe
    Rule three in Europe- dont ask for a 'light' beer
    Rule four in Europe- talking REALLY LOUD does not make you easier to understand
  3. have fun, just don't let me catch you in hostel part 4.
  4. you should have a great time :)

    one more 'rule' though, do not compare everything to American 'standards'.

    "Oh that pizza is alright, but in the States we have.."
    "Public transport is ok I guess, but in America we..."
    "...see in America we have the second amendment"

    I'm not saying you'd do this OP.
    I just know from experience, there are Americans we say all this shite, giving ALL Americans a bad name.
  5. Going to Amsterdam?
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    Avoid Northern England....You won't like it here. It's shit. Go to the south. Cornwall and all that jazz

    Edit: I say here, I'm from the midlands. But yeah.....The North

  7. what about Bristol?
  8. Bristol ain't in the north

    edit: I don't think. Christ, I am not good with Geography
  9. No I mean is it a good place to visit for a while?
  10. Oh yeah for sure Bristol is a great place.
  11. Cool cos I got someone there I'm planning to visit,
    but they keep telling me it's dangerous crappy weather n that lol

    I'm going there sometime soon either way.
  12. Oh the weather is shit don't get me wrong. That's just one trait of the UK in general ha. Hope you have fun there dude you should do.

  13. You cant really slag off the north then say go to Bristol! Liverpool is the culture capital! Every city has its nice, posher parts and the outskirts where you should'ne venture!

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