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Traveling 3 states over?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alexmonkey12, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. There was a topic the other day about this, and I was going to derail that one to ask my own question, but I can't find it.
    I plan on driving from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts soon, which is about a four and a half hour trip. I may or may not be bringing a pipe, and about 12 grams with me. My plan was to take apart my Xbox 360, duct tape everything inside, reassemble it, put it in a backpack with controllers, games, and other shit, and then put it in a backpack in my trunk. I'm trying my grandma's oldsmobile. I also was thinking about slicking my longish hair back into a hat, and wearing my black hoodie instead of my striped one. 
    Has anybody ever done anything like this..? I feel paranoid about ruining my life already and I'm not even high. I've read other threads about this, but I wanted to ask again based on my personal situation.

  2. just dont get any police to search your vehicle. and you should.. be fine i suppose or am i missing something from this question? u can keep that in a bag under your seat not conceded and shouldnt worry unless you bring a cop to have cause to search you
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    Good idea with the Xbox, I've done the same with DVD players. But don't dress conspicuously. Leave off the hat, if you see a cop coming up from the front,put on a smile, but DON'T Look at them or look them in the eye UNLESS they're at your window. Then keep a steady level eye contact, and absolutely DO NOT let your eyes wander or shift downward at all. Cops are trained to detect signs of distress. Above all. Keep calm.

    Also there's probably like 20 thousand people making that trip at the same time as you. I like those odds.
    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
  4. I've driven from Jersey to Boston, Maine, Rhode Island and I always have at least a quarter with me on the trips...I usually just back mine throw it in a mason jar and in my trunk so I think if you go through all that effort you will be fine. And just dont drive like an idiot
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    Sounds like your over thinking it. Just put it in something smell proof in your luggage and throw it in the trunk and go. Obviously make sure the car is legal, don't smoke and drive and don't speed. It's pretty simple.
  6. You aren't missing anything, I'm just overly concerned haha. Thanks though! :)
    I watched a video on youtube by barry cooper, and ex cop, and he said he would pull over some young men because they had longer hair. I guess you're right though. So many people do this and take much less precaution, so I should be fine lol. I'll try to keep my eyes as non suspecting as possible too. Thanks!
    I never do, but I was thinking about driving like 5 over the limit, just so it doesn't seem like I'm trying to be too cautious... I'm sure I'll be fine though. Hopefully.
  7. Yeah I always drive at least 5-10 mph over on highways, just keep with the flow of traffic...Also make sure, on the off chance you are pulled over, you don't get intimidated by the police...If it got to the point where an officer asks you "You mind if I search your vehicle?" respond Officer, I do not consent to an unwarranted search of my vehicle, very politely....If he gets a warrant, then they can do what they wish but many people will let an officer search just because they ask...them asking does NOT mean they legally can, unless you say it is okay.
  8. Do you think it is an actual possibility that that chain of events could happen? The worse possible case scenario keeps popping into my head. I get pulled over, I do not consent to a search, they call in the canine, and I ruin my life.  :eek: 
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    you really are over thinking. relax. light one up lol.. Just get something to calm you while you make the trip. Even say you get pulled over, why would a cop want to search your car. keep anything that may cause him to ask to search out of his view. you will be fine. just drive as you normally do when on a highway or road. and dont freak the fuck out if you get pulled over, and youre golden. one last thing. put your bud in mason jars. It sounds fucking nuts, but as long as the outside of the jar hadnt been touched with weed the dog will not smell it. many people have done this and were not incarcerated. thats if all those "ifs" happen but i doubt they will.. just trying to add extra protection to that bad thought of a dog lol
  10. If you're truly worried about the dogs, hide your shit in peanut butter jars,with peanut butter still in it. It works,wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it myself!

    knives heated dull red
    release sweet smoky nectar
    I am lifted high
  11. Oh my god. I really do need to calm down... when you said relax I thought you said alex at first, and I was like "how the fuck does he know my name???", but it's in my username anyways, so.... you're right though. I don't have any mason jars and my somewhat brilliant of inside the xbox wouldn't allow that anyways. thanks dude hahahahah.
    so, you're saying I should just put the bag of weed in the peanut butter jar and get it dirty? If i double bagged it that wouldn't happen, but still. I watched a video that said dogs can differentiate smells between weed and foods. I'm taking a break from smoking until monday, and when I do, I really need to come back to this thread and laugh at myself for being this uptight. Thanks for the help everybody! I feel a lot better after all these posts. :hello: 
  12. Going to blaze after I cook something to eat and watch this again. Barry Cooper. You might get some ideas from this documentary


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