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Discussion in 'General' started by JointVenture, May 6, 2006.

  1. so i'm taking a short two day business trip to south carolina .... flying with a carry on bag only.
    its been a while since i've flown ... two or three years, and about 25 since i've flown with weed in my pocket :devious:
    would like to take enough for a couple joints ..... any bright ideas on how to travel with the dank these days in these united states? :smoke:

    peace out my friends.
  2. it's pretty risky man. i wouldn't recomend it. if you have to just empty out a deoderant stick or a shampoo bottle and put it in there.
  3. It's JUST TWO DAYS.
  4. If you wanna take joints, buy a pack of cigs, and carfully undo the plastic wrap where its folded and glued together (DONT rip the plastic off normally) So that you can slide the plastic wrap off but glue it shut again later, take out a row of cigs, and put your J's there, then slide the plastic back on and super glue it shut, so itll look like an unopened pack of cigs.

    Dont do this if you're concerned about smell, but imo, I dont think dogs at airports sniff for drugs, they sniff for bombs.
  5. take a jar of penute butter and take all the shit out. put weed double sealed in it. throw the penut butter back in. boom, so ninja
  6. tape it to your chode man. you said it was in the US right? they really dont give a fuck about in country flights. tape it there and youll be good to go. swear on experience.

  7. Thats what i finally said to myself Switch .... I went without. The other factor that helped me decide was that I was the only toker going on this short "business trip" Did definitely get some good ideas from this thread, and others on this site ..... thanks friends. I'll use them on a Summer trip to Denver in July!

    the trip went this way .... Hartford (Bradley) to Dulles near D.C., changed planes, then onto Greenville SC. the same course on the way back. Never saw a single dog .... AND, it seemed most of the security people didn't give a shit about anything, except identity .... had to show my ID no less than 10 times!!

    Have a safe Summer fellow growers :wave:

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