Traumatic Situation

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smokeweedinhell, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. I have a random little story to tell about some bad shit that went down in my math class today. For some background I am in high school, and consider the education that I currently recieve to be laughable. Anyways, I was walking out of the classroom and as I was about to turn the doorknob, my friend, P tells me to come to his desk.

    And from there it went straight downhill. He was pointing at something, and I foolishly followed the path that his pointer finger wrought. My eyes were greeted by half of an asscrack, belonging to quite possibly the ugliest female I have ever seen. It was incredibly raunchy- and I'll spare you the details, but I simply covered my eyes and tried to walk out of the classroom calmly. I threw up I little bit in my mouth shortly thereafter. Later that day this really fat bitch stands up and streches- and a whales' tail could be seen far and wide.

    At that point I packed up and went home long before school ended. These two incidents really fucked up my day. When fat bitches wear slutty or especially tight clothing it looks like a worm wrapped up in string, which grosses me out quite a bit. It's not really that hard to buy clothes that can adequately cover an asscrack- at least not in these parts. It's kind of a free country, and you can wear whatever you want, but don't kid yourself- no one really wants to see an obese, scantily-clad american woman in their neck of the woods- execpt for truckers and shit.

    The end.:wave:
  2. Thread of the year. Not joking. I'll bump this until it gets the recognition it deserves.
  3. Your not alone buddy. :(
  4. Aw dude, I know how you feel. A few years back, me and a few friends were chillin on the school bus waiting for it to leave so we can get home, when all of a sudden, this overweight repulsive girl walks on the bus with her skirt half way down, practically around her knees. I'm assuming she didn't notice, because she continued to walk down the bus aisle without pulling her skirt up.

    Pretty disgusting shit, I thought I had completely erased this event out of my memory. I guess not :cry:
  5. hahaha well written story, had me losing it.
  6. haha like 3 weeks ago I went to dennys at like 2 am when everyones drunk or high con from the bar and there was his guy just walking around he was piss drunk. Well his pants got unzipped and idk if it was the hole guys have in the front of his boxers o he was just gong commando but his dick fell completely out of hi pants and was just hangin out while he was walking around the restaurant. After I could breathe again I went up and told him to check his pants since nobody else would haha. -sorry if my typing sucks I'm on my itouch.
  7. ^ that's so sick....dude i feel your pain

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