trap and now free!

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  1. this morning why makeing my coffie i saw something traped between the storm window and the widow .i dont know even how it got in there !but after takeing this picture i set it free and with its 4 3/4 wing span , it well no dout be the high light of my day ,it's freedom is it's once again ,how good that makes me feel to know he was set free with out harm ! to fly away in to the air ,i hope you enjoy this pic as much as i enjoyed it's visit this morning,good luck tazz11

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  2. Beautiful...theres some great creatures in this world..

  3. i know last night i went to check my gals and there from no where was a 4 inch salamander ,black with blue spots on its under side real cool i set him free to ! its like the animal kigdom around here these time of the spring !lol i enjoy this time of the year do my gals !
  4. that would be weird to see a lizard out of the "blue"... lol

    LMAO@animal kingdom

    Rainmans gotta zoo at his

    great you set em free tho

    peace bladez
  5. dude my little chihuahua loves eating pot leafs! the only good thing about that is she is my "little "chihuahua!lol
  6. I live in upstate new york and around this time of year my property becomes a's crazy. There's deer all over as well as crazy ass colorful birds, tons of rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels. It's pretty cool to watch. We even have a groundhog living under our pool deck.

    One time I went to El Conquestador in Puerto Rico and they have their own personal island called Palamino III. On the island you can see iguanas running around on the sand and wild chickens...I saw this one chicken that had dark metallic blue feathers
  7. i live in NYC. Mad smog and wut not. There was a dead bird that fell out of a tree in front of my house once.

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