Transplants look sad

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  1. I transplanted over the weekend but now my ladies are all looking super sad.

    I know it will take me a while to get dialed in on the watering of the new larger pots but how long do plants take to rebound after moving containers?
  2. If you transplanted correctly your plants would not go into shock. So you probably missed a step or mishandled your plants. It's hard to say without photos
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  3. It was my first time transplanting and I think I let them sit in 2 gal pots too long because the roots went all the way to the bottom so I had to squeeze around the smaller softpots to get them out.
  4. Crush a tab of asprin to warm water and spray lite 2x day until recovered

    I'd increase humidity too

    good luck
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  5. Thanks brother ... I'm thinking about doing a grow journal so I can make all my mistakes this year and learn how to nail it next year
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  6. Here is an update - most of the transplants look OK - leaves are up, good color, etc. I believe these were transplanted with less stress.

    I have two of my ladies that aren't looking great. I'm including 2 pics of the same lant because I'm sure it was my non-soft touch in the transplanting process that probably stressed the plants.

    Two sad plants. I watered yesterday. Checked this morning and found that the loose soil was still moist but the root ball close to the stock was dryer. I'm also seeing a few lower leaves turn yellow but I think that's normal.

    At this point - if the plants don't perk up in the morning - I'll mix a little aspirin with some water and will slow-watr the roots to get the aspirin to really soak in.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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