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  1. These are day 11 seedling.. any opinions on when I should transplant to bigger pots? I've read before about waiting until roots emerge at the bottom of the pot or to wait until the diameter of the leaves are as wide as the pot. (From pic, you can see they almost are) my grow cupboard is only 2ftx1.5ft deep so will only fit 2 large pots (I've got) inside. As the pots are larger at top.. do I find pots that are more square so I can fit more in or ??? Picture of pot in the growroom is here also. Obviously I will make the lights higher also. 20170621_140706.jpg 20170621_141558.jpg
  2. As soon as the leaves reach the outer diameter of the pot (drip line)..the last one is about ready, and the others are pretty close too.

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