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  1. why when i transplant SOME not all plants but a few, will NOT bind(i guess is the word) with the old dirt. like pull the plant outta the pot or bag and the outer layer of dirt (2-3inches thick) jus falls off revealing the LAST pot size & roots. its like the roots stay in original dirt ball and wont go into the new soil all around it. pls help..what am i doin wrong. i put worm castings etc when transplanting but the roots just wont go into the new soil:(
  2. Do you water the newly transplanted clone/seedling in when you switch pots?

    If not, do so, it'll help the "new" soil compact and contact the "old" soil.
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  3. i do water. thought i was waterin TOO much cuz the outer layer that falls off usually is really thick n mucky n WET:(
  4. should i leave em fluffy when i transplant or pack em good? and water alot or a little after?
  5. I don't compact my soil if possible, ever. The most I would do is push the soil around the stem/rootball so that there's contact made, then I water it in, heavily.

    I tend to give them a drench then remove the excess water in the trays. Works for me.
  6. GIMIK-coo thx bro
  7. maybe you are transplanting way too much... go from seed starter to plastic cups to FINAL pot size... do not transplant to smaller pots its unnecessary and waste of time and bad for your plants then it is good
  8. You responded to a 3 year old post.

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  9. it happens.....:smoking:
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  10. FTFY :p
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