Transplanting when flowering?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by birdy, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. High All!

    I have two females flowering right now (third week), and they show the signs of being rootbound...
    Plus I can see root escaping through the draining hole of the Pot.

    Has anyone ever transplanted girlies after flowering has started?
    Any idea what to do (just trim the roots or put a larger bucket?) I already have 2 Gallon pots but it does not seem to be enough for my 1 foot and a 1/2 plants!

    Best puffs

  2. that's a hard call there......i'd transplant, but like you said it will cause stress......what i had to do before, was repot into a bigger pot, and watered the old soil accordingly, and then the outside fresh it wasn't working with watering the whole pot......the new soil dried at a diffrent rate than the soil with the roots in it........caused very little stress if any., and a good harvest.........but it's up to you.......Peace out........Sid
  3. well i don't grow, but i am a gardener. i wouldn't touch the roots, no trimin of the roots!!
  4. well if you want a nice big plant transplant yesterday but if you want a small shitty dead plant leave it.
    transplanting isnt all that bad for the plant. You guys make out that it is a last resort thing if you do it right it will be fine
  5. i transplanted 3 weeks into flowering, moved from a 2 gallon to a 3, it was pretty difficult, but everything pulled through with no visable signs of stress, just becareful and have everything setup and be ready for anything
  6. definately transplant

    get urself a very large bucket. and remove the rootball intact...i mean dont break nuthin.

    gently set into very large bucket and gently put in nice potting soil.

    water well and done
  7. Not a problem. I've done it plenty, especially when growing from seed and after sexing. Better to transplant and get a somewhat larger rootball, than to have a rootbound plant that will only produce about a third of what it could of produced. Anyway, it's your call. Go for it, you'll be happy you did
  8. Hi all!
    Finally I did it, I repotted and trimmed the roots as well (they were roting and smelling not that good...)
    My two girlz Donatella and Doïna (G1) did not seem to care too much as they are now flowering not too badly.
    Thanks to you all

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  9. What do you think?
    Be kind it's my first grow!!


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  10. Nice Buds Man!!!
  11. that looks like its going to be a nice yield! Im pretty sure the color wil change suggnificantly since the trsplant and may even go into shock. Good luck though. Nice job for your first grow!
  12. well done....thats good for a first grow......i take it by the thickness of the stems and the big colas that you have a good light, from above....say a 400-600HPS?...........looks great for your first time..........Peace out........Sid
  13. Thanks to ya all for your help,
    The lesson is not to be too much afraid of the transplant while flowering.
    The root trimming seems to have slowed down a little the flowering process.
    I harvested the elderly yesterday and made 35g after manicure.
    To answer Sid I used fluos (5*36W) for vegetative growth then a 250W HPS for flowering.
    The ladies are Durban Poison X Skunk


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  14. wow, dry it, cure it, and smoke it! Tell us about the smoke. Grat job!

    p e a c e

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