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  1. As the title suggests, is it possible to transplant your little babies too soon? I guess to be more specific I'm asking is it possible to transplant them into a hugee pot too soon. I had them in the solo cups (red cups/beer pong(beruit) cups) for the 7 days. I noticed roots getting really close to the bottom through a slit in the cup so i decided, what hell, might as well only transplant once right? So I put them into these 3-4 gallon pots that they will eventually flower in.. Should I have kept them in smaller pots for awhile or is it okay to just throw them into the deep soil so soon? Any help is appreciated..thanks
  2. you're fine.
  3. On that note... When I start my next grow which will only be my second. I was thinking I would try to start the plant in the same 3 gallon pot that I plan to keep it in... precluding any need to transplant or mess with the plant. I noticed when I transplanted my first grow that the tap root on each of the three were extremely long for such a small plant. Other than having the problem of keeping a big pot moist with just a small plant in the beginning, why can't I start and end in the same pot? Comments welcome. Thanks!

    Sorry to horn in on your thread, but I did not think you would mind seeing my question was along the same line as yours...
  4. Even though transplanting can be a chore, I'd recommend it! This allows you to better saturate the root structure when feeding. If you plant directly into a large pot, you will be using more water to saturate the soil but... the root structure won't be big enough to use all that moisture. This increases chances for root rot! Not to mention, you'll be using more water/nutes than you need to. Here's my transplant method: solo cup, 1 gal nursery pot, 2gal, and finally 5gal. It takes some practice to move big plants into big pots, but not too hard! Your plants will thank you for transplanting. :wave:
  5. Thanks for everyones comments..

    I guess it's too late now to transplant back now... unless I I just take the plant out and let the large pot with soil sit there for a month or two. Do you think this is too long to a pot of soil alone?

    TnC - don't worry, it's cool
  6. hey flex thats too much work I would rather go straight into the 2 gallon then the 5 gallon also what week is your transplant dates
  7. Or, what I think is even more likely, the water will settle down into the soil leaving the top layer, where your seed and first root structure are, high and dry.
  8. I directly sowed my germinated seeds into 1.5-2 gallon buckets and they have turned out just fine. Initially growth was slow but that's probably due to the plant establishing its root structure before investing energy on actually developing the growth above surface. Once they started growing, they took off like race horses.

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