Transplanting Tomorrow Root Hormone?

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  1. Wassup GC,
    Tomorrow I plan on transplanting my 10 day old plants into Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. I have been sprouting them in a sprouting tray I found at Lowes and they have been doing well. I have read that Vitamin B1 is used on root forumula for marketing purposes and I should make sure I purchase something that includes a rooting hormone. I plan on using the Floralicious Plus during my veg stage. Would this be something I would water my plants with tomorrow to help keep the plant and the root struxture strong during the transplant and get it off to a good start? Or should I wait a week or so and just let it do it's on thing?
    Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    nah you don't need rooting hormone for established plants.. that's more for unrooted clones.
    10 days old sounds kind of early for a transplant though.. how big are they?
    also about FFOF soil.. you more than likely won't need to use any veg nutes for many weeks depending on how long you veg and your pot size.
    i know it's tempting to feed plants.. but trust me, it'll be just fine with water only.
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    @[member="АugustWest"] Ok cool. They are a decent "small" size, the first sets of leaves are out and looking healthy. The reason I am transplanting is because I used the sprouting tray. I could be wrong but they are in really small pods at the moment and I think they could at least use a little upgrade in pot size. Also I have them in MG Moustiure Control and I would like to get them out of that as quickly as possible. I couldnt find a store close to me that sold FF until a few days ago so I had to settle. They are just some bagseed so I was extremly worried about the soil, but now my little babies have showed me just how beautiful they can be and I want to give them the best. Lol. So do you think I should wait on the transplant?
  4. You can transplant now if you feel the pot they are in us too small. Plus you can get them into better soil. Just be careful not to damage roots. No hormone us needed just place in new soil and get moist.

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