Transplanting Risks, Gentle methods?

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  1. Any one know about how large a plants root system gets as to how large the acual plant gets?

    I planted multiple seeds in a single container, and need to repot.
    At a week and 2 days of growth im getting concerned about them being intertwined.

    Would you suggest I transplant and assume the damage if they are tangled, or maybe since its a plastic pot, cut it off around the bottom, and place it in a single, large planter box?

    Cut it down the sides with a razor blade and carfully feather out each plant like surgery?

    I have never transplanted by myself, looking for advice.

    Im really thinking attempting to remove the bottom of the container, placing in my box, then slowly removeing the rest of the pot and slowly adding soil as needed.
  2. You for sure want to separate the plants into their own containers.  I would cut the container with a razor and pull it apart, then carefully pull the two plants apart and transplant.  If you're careful, there shouldn't be any problems.  I wouldn't worry about tearing a few roots, they will grow back.  They may be stunted for a little while, but they will bounce back.  DON'T let them mature together in the same pot
  3. yea.  unless you are in a living soil situation you dont want more than one plant per container because you will find their needs vary.  get them separated and let them recover and move forward.  probably wont even cost you a week if you dont tear them up too bad... pretty much anything will recover though, esp a week or more in.
  4. Ok thats reassuring for me.

    I will stick with a careful container cutting method.
    And from now on, separate containers always! Lol

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