transplanting from indoor to outdoor lighting question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by TrapperMcNutt, May 7, 2011.

  1. i've been growing my plants under some less than ideal fluorescents for about a month now at 14hrs light. they're doing alright but are a lot smaller than i was expecting. 3-5 inches tall with a few fan leaves - maybe 3 growth nodes. the plan was to determine sex after a month, but i think they're too small to tell.

    i plan to move them outside in a couple weeks and i'm wondering how best to transition them to the outdoors regarding light. in past years i just grew them indoors under constant light, got them pretty big, then stuck them outdoors and they were fine.

    this year i was trying to determine sex first and was planning on doing 14hrs for a month. then two weeks at the outdoor light length + 1 hour, then transplanting outdoors.

    whats the best way to light the plants for these two weeks before transplanting to the great outdoors in order to maximize growth and yield and minimize stress??

  2. Start by putting them out side in the sun for 2 hours a day then start to build the time up over the next couple of weeks, until u have them out 24 hours. And u won't be abull to no if it is female or male till u go in to flowering and little White hair comes out of the stem where the fan leaves grow out, that's a female..........
  3. Which will be in 2.5 months.

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