Transplanting from in ground to pot during flower.

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  1. the girls just went in to bud but i have to take them else where ASAP The thing is idk if I can transplant without them dying or just doin a straight sex change.

    Someone please giv me an opinion. the plants were talking about transplanting are about 4-6ft talll 4-6 feet wide
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    I don't think they will die but you might slow them way back by 2 or 3 weeks. i don't know where you live bit you should be ok..
  3. IDK, but what ever advice you take make sure it's fom somebody thats done it. Not what people think. Then how they did it.
  4. If he has to move them.then he has to.. either way you might lose out.. and yes iv done it.. but he's not growing the same green as i am..
  5. gget 10 gallon pots dig carefully and go deep..

  6. this.

    be very careful, and once transplanted maybe through it in the shade for a couple days, also, water THE SHIT out of it.
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    I never did this but if I had to I would get burlap and lay it out. I would dig the roots out so it would drop into a 30,40,50,60g smart pot with the burlap holding the root ball togather. Then pull the burlap out of the pot or even leave it in if that was okay.

    IMO a 10 pot root ball is not wide enough for your sized plants.

    Keep asking though for I never did it. This is just what I think.

    10g pot with 6 foot plant thats 6 foot wide??????
  8. Mine don't get 6 feet.. Only 3 footers. 10 gallon is the biggest i know of. i have seen plants 6 feet in 5 gallon pots. but being in ground the roots will spread a good distance. lucky guess, twice as wide as the plant. but 5051 i do like your way and i will remember that if i need to do it again.. All i did was dig all around and under it and then pulled it out and put it in a pot. i have a belief,that is they are a weed and they will do just fine..
  9. good luck with the dig i hope you can do it
  10. I hope I can pull it off too, Im pretty sure whats gonna end up getting done is im going to dig deep and burlap the plants. VERY DEEP. the biggest thing that concerns me is the possibility of a hermie plant. they are so big idk if i could catch a few balls growing and kill them in time to save the female. Idk its just gonna be a leap of fate it seems like. very upset about the relocation.
  11. How did this go for you I got the same problem

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