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Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by les0000, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. I transplanted yesterday there really wasn't a ton of roots like I thought there would be maybe it was stunted because they were in such a small containers??? Is that possible? They haven't droopped to much the one girl is today but I think she's dry but I'm waiting on super thrive coming today. So all I did was spray top layer and foilar feed with seekelp hoping it holds them off . Does transplanting stunt growth just wondering I know it's only been a day just seems 1518608085131.jpg 1518608090775.jpg 1518608096618.jpg 1518608106092.jpg like everything I've done has stunted them ugh . They are 25 days old today the one girl was stunted due to stress for over a week but is bouncing back. Any advice is greatly appreciated

  2. I would try not to spray the top of the plant and try to just get it on to the soil..just to protect them from the light..mine were super droopy for a few days from overwatering them..then I saw they get the same when underwatered..underwatered though the plant will look thin and wilty overwatering makes them wilting but they will be plump and look fat..give them a day or so to adjust and show us how they look!
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  3. Ty for your ideas

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  4. Why not spray top of plant I thought it was good to lightly spray and foiler feed ????

  5. Some folks swear by it, but the majority of growers don't foliar feed as it's inefficient and can lead to burns once you're light source is on.
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  6. Gotcha ok makes sense


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