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  1. I'm 1 week into flowering and plants are in 2 gallon pots should I boost them up to 5 gallon pots?
  2. If you really do not need to transplant then don't ok, I would imagine that you will do fine with the pots their in already.
  3. 2-3 gal pots fine for a 3-4 ft tall plant at maturity

    just make sure there are drain holes
  4. Oh yes.
    I learned that from Paul James..

    When I water I make sure to fill the pot till water comes out the holes then water again about 1/2 later.

    Seems I do have the watering and light issues down, been playing with fert and am getting good results from a looks good point of view. I really won;t know till it's time to toke if I did thinsg correctly but teh little palms I steal are pretty good and equal to some good tasting commercial stuff.

    I guess technically I am on my second grow.
    My first ended about 2 weeks after I saw buds ( very early flowe stage) because I didn't know better and was soooo much wanting to get stoned I dryied the plant and got maybe 10 joints of very impressive stuff. Whatever it was.
    For reseach I cut the stem about 8 inches from soil leaving some plam and 1 bud to see what happens. Well it's still alive but hasn't grown any.

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