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  1. i have two plants outside my house right now with probably like 3.5 weeks of flowering left. However, it is getting way to cold out for the plants and i would really like to move them into my indoor grow room. The problem here is that my indoor plants are on the opposite light cycle as the ones outside (indoor lights come on at 8pm). Earlier in the season i took a plant from outside and moved it inside and the change in light cycle did not effect the plant, the only difference here is that the plant i earlier moved was only a week into flowering.

    My question is if i move the plants from outside indoors (reversing the light cycle) will they be okay?
  2. NO.
    and NO.

  3. so your saying reversing the cycle and possibly stressing the plants is worse than letting them get frost would completely ruin them? i am not saying it is going to be good for the plants but i think it would be smarter to risk the stress factor over loosing the plants completely
  4. Hey.

    Sorry for the short answer...busy day at GC lol.

    Of course you dont wanna let the frost get em.
    The plants will prolly herm tho, and u will be contaminating
    your indoor environment, if u plan on growin inside in the future.

  5. Just cover the ladies with trash bags when it gets dark and get up early and uncover them. Sometimes we need to make sacrifices for our babies. It may get cold but the frost will stay off of them.

    You also don't want to bring outside pests into your grow room. After all the hard work that we go through it would be a shame to lose all your plants to pests just to save 2.

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