Transplant or not ?

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  1. My plants have been in these pots for 23 days now .. Should i transplant into bigger pots now .. I took a pic of the roots

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  2. This plant is overdue my man. This plant should have been transplanted two weeks ago. But do it now and she will love you.
  3. Ok thanks i will .. But i need to flush my new soul first before i can put my plants in it .. How do i flush the soil and do i have to let it get dry ? I should wait a couple of days after flushing the soil ?
  4. Because its says so on the package .. And ive read that my plagrons batmix is strongly fertilised and could burn the plants .. Ive watered the soil now (see picture) .. Its 5 gallon pots (18 liters) and ive watered them half a gallon of water ( 2 liters) each pot .. When do i transplant them in these bigger pots ? Thanks for the advice already !

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  5. Yes. That's called "root bound." When a plant gets wider and taller than the container it's growing in, that typically means it's time for an up pot or transplant. If you increase your container size only slightly, it will take less time for this plant to repair and expand it's root system and get back to growing foliage. If you take that plant and chunk it into a 5 gallon bucket or a 10 gallon smart pot (something HUGE), know that it'll slow the whole process down. Confining the space they have to root into, gets it done fast and the part of the plant we see (above soil) back to growing with some speed again. TWW
  6. Hi . I use batmix wen growin in siol . Never flushed it. I no it shocjs clones wen i first put em in but in a few days wen settled they luv it... i only wash sum types coco..? But hey if it says so on pkt then so be it. Now ya av flushed let it dry and airiate a day or so as ya dont want to plant em into very wet siol . Hope this helps. Good luck lv x
  7. I just transplanted thel in 5 gallin pots .. Soi guess they will need some time to recover now .. The leafs were drooping as you can see so the rootbound should be the issue ofthat i guess ? Iwanna start flowering in 3 weeks

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  8. Hi they will take a few days to get adjusted etc and then start roots etc. I am not sure 3week is too quick to flip. I personally like to veg around 6 to 8 week from seed (6 from clone) but it all depends on wen ya plant ready. I just like to make sure my roots stronge enough before flip. See how they look in three weeks love . If in doubt gi more veg xx

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