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  1. Here is to hoping they don't go into shock I was gentle but the dirt in the solo broke up I was able to set them gently in roots down so fingers crossed also I fired up 2 x 600 MH at a decent height trying to go by temperature not distance I also put the powdered myco in the holes just a little and only just gave them about 4 ounces of water each around the plant IMG_20230308_171724913.jpg
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  2. 1 light should be enough for the first few weeks.
  3. Your grow area is always filthy.
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  4. yeah i know i have 4 kittens about to get adopted among other things so this was a quick setup until i can sweep it up it is only dirt anyways lol plus 3 out of the 8 saucers leaked that i bought new so i need to get them under the pots then worry about the mess quality control aint what it used to be
  5. Looking good, :thumbsup:.
    Next time water solo cups thru and let sit 6 hrs.
  6. Two 600. Yeah good but why at this stage ? You killing the 600 watts for zero reason. Turn one off You can easily veg a 4/4 with 600 mh, Even monster plants . Quote only dirt on the floor . Bugs love it . Soon spider mites beetles everything will be in there . Quote me . If the cats dont take a shit in the pots first and dig out the plants you might be able to get the vegged . I hate cats . Let me dog eat them if he wants too my luck it would make them her new friend and bring them home ..
  7. If that soil is even a little bit moist, I wouldn't water for at least a week after initial transplant watering.. just my .02
  8. cats aint allowed in the room i know they would kill the plants in a minute and yes i know about bugs i have neem oil i am going to soak the outside of the buckets in as as soon as i sweep up
  9. not planning on watering at all unless they look wilted or the pots are light
  10. Only time I transplant seedlings is if I'm running in coco.
    If doing a run in promix in 5 gallon pot place seed directly into soil after sprouting in paper towel.
    This plant was only 19 days old Jedi glue.

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  11. 19 days from when you put it in the pot or 19 after sprout?
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    19 days from sprout, I have put seedlings in solo cups before but I now go directly into final pot it's going to be in.
    Just don't fill the pot full so you can add soil later if there is a little stretch.
    I use rapid grow plugs if I'm going to use coco, put it in a 1 liter air pot and start feeding with 20 percent run off right off the bat.
    Then go to 3 gallon air pot to finish off in.
  13. i left room for a little stretch and have promix ewc and perlite mixed together to fill in the top 10% when its ready

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