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    I need help, guys, to figure this out.  Do you think this is caused by a mag def? I have been giving an additional 50-150ppm of mag (epsom salt) per watering and they are not changing. The plant is in great shape other than this. No necrotic spots or yellow leafs.
    \nAny thoughts?


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  2. are you referring on the turned up edges of the leaf? this is usually a sign that your temperature is too high
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    Hi GoldGrower! Thanks for the reply.
    I agree. Leaf fringes that point up mean the leaf is trying to dissipate as much moisture or heat as possible, but is unable to do so. 
    I have lowered my temps as low as 70-72 for days with the same results, so I have ruled out heat. I am running my room regulary around 82 degrees and 1400ppm CO2, 650ppm nuit solution, 5.8ph, 74 degree rez. I have a mini split in the room and can set temps anywhere. I try to keep it above 80 so it can use as much CO2 as available to the leaves and it can't do that below 80 degrees.
    The leaves look great other than this. I am leaning towards a magnesium deficiancy, fringed edges, slightly purpling random stems. I feed this plant a great amount of mag as is....I think this plush berry is just mag hungry!!!  
    I just wanted to get some good advice from the growing community.
    Thanks again GoldGrower, I promise to weigh this suggestion carefully.
  4. your ppm sounds about right, what brand of nutes are you using? does your nutrient solution get stronger or weaker day by day?
    are you taking the temperature reading right at the top of the canopy?
    I use ionic nutrient range and as long as I keep the strength correct I never get nutrient imbalances. how often are you changing the nutrient solution?
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    I am using GH Flora Nova Bloom, one part nuit. It get's weaker by the day and drinks lots of water and 50-100ppm of nuits, topped off twice daily with cal-mag and epsom salt water at 250ppm that is constantly aerated. I am at week 4, day 26. My temp is taken at the level of the canopy, gauge sits off to the right side of the closet, then I have another temp displayed on my CO2 ppm meter that sits on my SCROG net and last another under the canopy, usually stays 8-10 degrees cooler down low. I have changed my rez twice a week up to this point.
    I put another 150ppm of epsom salt in last night after I did my rez change. So my ppm today are 800. I will watch it closely...
    Page 252 of the growers bible says to add two tspns per gallon for fast results. I have a 7 gal rez and that would be 1400ppm of just mag...sounds like a lot to me and I have been scared to push that and burn the roots.  

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  6. What type of medium; soil or hydro? Hydro/DWC
    What brand and type of soil? N/A
    Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
    What strain? Plush Berry
    How old are the plants? Week 4 of flower, day 26
    What type of lights and how many watts? HTG 600watt HPS
    How far from the lights? 12"
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? RO water that is aereated in a rez with 250ppm cal-mag, 75ppm epsom salt. Average is 300ppm of water with the cal-mag/mag-sulfer. Topped off with h2o twice daily.
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? I do two rez changes a week this grow. I am using GH flora nova bloom at 5ml/gal in a 7 gal rez, about 650ppm
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? 5.9ph, 800ppm (with the extra cal-mag-sulfer)
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? 45%-55%
    What size pots? 20 gal bucket, rez is 8 gal of h2o, DWC
    Any bugs? Look real close. Only a few fungus gnats.
    Any other pertinent info? Room temp at 82 degrees, 1400ppm CO2

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