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    I need help to figure this out.  Do you think this is caused by a mag def? I have been giving an additional 50-150ppm of mag (epsom salt) per watering and they are not changing. The plant is in great shape other than this. No necrotic spots or yellow leafs.  The fringed edges are my concern...
    Any thoughts?


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  3. Refer to this chart. 

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    The colors are all good on the leaves. It is the fringed edges that I can't control and get to lay back down. I know this means they are trying to dissipate as much moisture as possible, but it is unable to. It could be magnesium deficiency, salt build up or heat stress from what the growers bible says. I have lowered the air temp for days without any results, so I am back up to 82 degrees and 1500ppm of CO2. I have also given it 2 teaspoons daily, in a 8 gallon rez, epsom salt. Today I upped that to 1 tablespoon of epsom salt in a gallon to mix in the 8 gallon rez (the bible suggest two tspn per gallon). My PH is 5.9 and this is a hydroponics DWC system. My TDS in my solution is 650ppm with 150 of that being epsom salt (mag). 
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