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  1. Hey all,

    I've been studying transgenics and genetically modified foods in my bio class. Basically beneficial genes from entirely different species can and are introduced into say a tomato. For example, a gene from a bacteria can be introduced into a tomato cell, which could say prolong its shelf life. Its fascinating, but to the point, has anyone ever heard of such practises on weed strains? One could produce a strain of weed that's pest resistant, 10 feet tall and tastes like apples.

    By the way, anyone who's thinking about going into hydro, just do it! I started my first hydro grow, using the DWC method, and my plants are rediculous. They're more than 3 times larger than their soil counterparts of the same age AND their bushy as fucking hell.

    I'll post some comparison photos as words just don't do it justice.
  2. Much has been done in terms of breeding for specific traits,,,sliding close to what you refer may be polypoids..which is done chemically..interesting stuff indeed....

    Goo luck on your DWC grow...........peace


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