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Transgenic Cannabis

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Frosty_Cola, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I was wanting to get everyone's opinion on transgenic Cannabis. I have been smoking for about 17 years and have been one of the many productive stoners who made it through college and have a Master's degree (in molecular botany go figure). I was wanting to turn my love of Cannabis into a career somehow and I have the experience and desire to create transgenic cannabis plants with different cannabinoid and terpene profiles to help medical patients better focus on their specific ailments without side effects they don't want. I think it could be beneficial research and not harmful to those ingesting it, using those genes from existing Cannabis strains and not foreign genotypes. What do you guys think?
  2. I'd say if you want to do it get started now because when bud is finally legalized there are gonna be hundreds of corporations working on engineering the chromosome alleles of marijuana plants. If you've already got your research done and experimental data gathered than you'll be several steps ahead of your competition. Remember, these companies will only buy your idea if they're certain it'll make more money than it'll cost.
  3. What SoCali said.

    I've got some stuff I'm working on and keeping mostly silent about in hopes of legalization I will own a full on Cana Cafe.

    I have menus planed, design for the two kitchens (medicated products must be kept away from non medicated and no chance of contamination can occur with product coming from two kitchend.

    I've been experimenting with sauces and thinks like that. I've made Hash Eggs Benedict but obviously the hash is not the potatoe kind. I actually add a hash sauce i make (just a high fat sauce with little flavor) to a lot of what i cook, but I'll just say the eggs are stellar. My hollandaise btw is where my "hash sauce" goes.

    I think your research would even be wanted with somebody like myself planning a food related business.. I can only dream of being able to truthfully offer my customers products from menus related to the cannabis affect.

    I've actually got a lot of planning and design into my business, seems stupid on here reading it but it is my goal.

    I can only encourage what you do, it benefits EVERYBODY.
  4. Thanks guys. That's what I want to do to, Husky. When medical marijuana dispenseries start being allowed in my state I want to open a high quality Cannabis collective. Once legalization hits I'll turn it into a cafe of some sort.

    I don't really have research done at the moment but grant ideas a plenty and experimental designs laid out. I'm in a lab right now whose equipment I can't use for that.

    And btw, why did tis get moved to the apprentice smokers room? I'm not an apprentice smoker at all and this didn't seem like an apprentice thread.
  5. The OP said he's been smoking for 17 years...
    Mod decides this is apprentice thread


  6. A thread with the title 'Transgenic Cannabis' fits the given description of the Seasoned Tokers forum so I have no idea why this was moved

    On topic:

    What's sad about this whole situation with Medical Cannabis (and partly with Cannabis legalization in general) is that you need this type of research (and these types of discussions) need to be happening EVERYDAY outside (far outside) 420 counterculture forums.

    However with the quality of cannabis that is available on the black market few people are really able to obtain enough different kinds (or qualities) of cannabis that the average person is not able to feel for themselves the medicinal properties of cannabis.

    This is all aside from the legal status of cannabis tempting people deny any medical benefits even if they truly felt them. Ive had several asthma patients (after the discussion of medical cannabis comes up) tell me that they hadn't realized how much it helped them breathe.

    I dont know how we can get the medical movement in to all 50 states in the US
  7. Hm, the brother of a guy I knew back in the mid 80s was going to Case-Western for some form of bio and as a hobby was playing with the genes for weed ... you have a brother named Bill?

    I think it is a fantastic idea. I yearn for the money to open a dispensary and grow op for the dispensary here in CT when it goes fully US government legal, not just decriminalized.
  8. hey Frosty,

    I've been thinking about continuing education in the area of agriculture, perma culture, or botany.... my ba's in cultural anthropology. just curious, where did you get your MA? was it hard work- challenging? and has it helped you develop more specific medicinal strains?

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