Trans-Plant Woahs

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BLARNEYSTONES, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. I have 2 Marijuana plant that are growing outside, there in Metromix soil with a Mushroom compost. alright well let me get to my problem. until a few minutes ago they were both in a 5 gallon buckets. they are about 15 inches tall and i thought well it's about time to put them into two seperate buckets. well i transplant the plants buy digging it out, being careful not to tear any roots but i'm sure that i ripped a few. well anyway i put it into the new bucket and bury it back up and go back to my house to get water. by the time i get back the WHOLE plant is wilted. this happened in a time span of maybe 5 minutes. has that ever happened to anyone else. are they gonna survive? there my babies.
  2. Transplant shock, water them a bit and if you have any rooting hormone or transplant hormone use them.

    If not, wait it out and if your lucky everything will be cool.
  3. yup... that's why you should never have more than one plant in the same container... hopefully it will pull through. if you didn't tear too many roots it should be okay... if you tore a lot, it might be best to cut some leaves off of the plant to roughly match the foliage to how big the rootball is now.. gotta make sure it can support it
  4. Yeah i took off all the leaves that had wilted, they were dry ass fuck. all i have now is the little growth inbetween the stalk and leaves and the new foilage at the top, the foilage at the top looks fine. the plant is gonna live but it aint gonna be very bushy.
  5. Even if it appears to have recovered it may still go hermie.

    Transplant shock is a major cause. Sorry to be gloomy.

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