Tramadol Hcl?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by xsaqzw, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I came across a whole bottle of these awhile back and I was just wanting to know what everyone thought about them, and if you have ever taken them let me hear your experiences.

  2. Nice if you don't like taking other opiates, like hydrocodone, because they make you sick. They are weak though... some people say they don't do anything for them and other people love them. They have SSRI properties or some shit so check up on that if you're taking anti depressants.
  3. don't take tramadol if you're on SSRIs, because tramadol fucks with your seratonin get some nice opiate-like affects, but i believe it only partially binds to the opioid receptor so it's not at all like oxycodone or hydrocodone or even codeine. It's okay, though.
  4. i think they're nice
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    I had some of those, they give you a different kind of buzz than just regular opiates. the buzz is numbing and a little speedy, kinda like baclofen. I guess they can give you seizures if you take more than 200mg or something. mixing it with opiates makes it better.. useless imo if you just take them without mixing them, even with a little weed or alcohol or something.

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