Training For 18 Minute 5K.

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  1. My dream has always been to be able to fly, but since I ain't got wings, this might be as close as I get.  I want to run an 18 minute 5K to have accomplished something very challenging. 
    I'm a few months away from my 30th birthday and don't believe I have "good running genes"  I eeked out a 22 minute 5K last year, but lost any level of fitness I had over the winter.  A month deep into getting back in shape, now I'm going for broke. 
    I will run, bike and swim my way to victory and share my fun tales with you stoners.  Last night I started riding my bike at 3 am and didn't finish until dawn started to break. 

  2. I would incorporate weightlifting, more specifically, strength training for your legs (once a week). It helps. 
    Besides that, interval speed training for 15 minutes a session. Mix that up with long distance cardio. I would throw out biking to be honest, as swimming and running are the top cardio exercises so stick with them. I'm not going to tell you when to workout, as running isn't really taxing on your body, but make sure you do throw in some rest days here and there (especially with the strength training). 
    I ran a 5k in 17:50. It took me like a year to get to that. I had certain benchmarks along the way to make sure I was improving. 1.5 mile in 8:45ish, 2 mile in 12:50ish, 2.5 miles in 15:30ish.
  3. Some VERY good advice already here to switch things up with interval training.  Used to run every day.  Switched to biking though, as i just enjoy it more.
    And while biking may not be the same physical muscle movement as running, don't underestimate the cardio.  It's actually as efficient or more than running (if you maintain 15MPH+, that's the key).
    Good luck with it, post your progress OP!  That sounds like an awesome challenge, but not sure I could do it at my age.
  4. I'm actually just starting to incorperate interval training into my workout, it builds heart and lung power like nothing else.  I'm trying to ease into it as well as ease into running-specific weight training.  Once I can jog about 10 miles without stopping consistently, I'll probably do mostly interval training.
  5. Yes interval training!!! You also want to incorporate mile repeats with very little rest in between because basically you have to be able to run repeat miles under 5:50 if you wanna do an 18min 5k. I'm a woman, ran cross country & the 5 & 10k in college. I wasn't the top dog on the team; my best was 16:50. but the top 2 girls were running 16 flat! anyway work on your mile times and be careful cuz as you approach 30 injuries are much more prevalent!
  6. Thank you.  Mile repeats are brutal.  16:50 is amazing, good job.  I tend to get injured less each year.  I try to listen to my body and I get wary when things don't feel right, working around strains and aches until they are better rather than risk continuing the activity that probably caused them.  That's why I plan to do a lot of swimming and biking.
  7. And thank you! Yes mile repeats are brutal but they simulate a 5k race much more than 1-3min. Intervals. Try it on a 400m track this way you can keep track of your lap splits making it much easier to hit your target mile time. Sounds like you got a good plan going regarding keeping injury free. Cross training is smart. On off days try pool running in deep water, with a tether. I did this and only this for 6 wks while injured and & within 3 of returning to running I was able to hit my 10kpr. Good luck to you! Keep me posted on your workouts and races!
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    Trying to cope with higher training volume and adding a few short speed intervals or a fast mile to my jogs.  My calves are sore as hell, but I don't want to take more than one day off from running.  That's how it's going.   Adapt or die I guess.
  9. 7 mile night run completed, oh yeah! 
  10. Way to go!!!!
  11. 40 mile bike ride Friday night.  It was too far!  By about mile 25 I had no strength left in my legs and trying to pedal with any intensity caused so much lactic acid burn that I had to take a break.  I was barely able to pedal on the easiest gear by the time I got home.  I'll need a few days to recover from this one.  It's now Sunday and my legs still feel kinda dead.
  12. omG Thats insane!!!!  I clicked on "Like this" but what I really want to do is to scold you! You bad boy!
    You better take it easy or you won't be continuing this thread and you'll be like me!! 
    I'm abt to hop on my elliptical now and pretend I'm doing my long run...I sooooo miss my running.  It was my drug! But began at age 14  and all those years competing and me overdoing it have caught up to me.. :-(  
  13. I know.  The thing is, I did it as an out and back to a neighboring city in the middle of the night and left my cell phone and money at home on purpose so there was no quitting.  It was literally do or die.  I thought it would be epic, but it was just retarded.  I'll try and run tomorrow, but I'm staying close to home and pulling the plug if it doesn't feel right.
  14. If you can get to a pool deep enough (over 7ft) and do pool running that would be great. It's running with almost zero impact, which will save your legs. Have a good one!
  15. I've got a pool in the back yard, actually.  Do I need an aqua jogging belt, or if I flail hard enough will that keep me afloat?
  16. LOL! As long as the pool is deep enough. It's gotta be over your head.  Unfortunatly, mine is 5ft and I'm 5'6 so I always touch the bottom which is something you don't want.  Nah you don't need the aqua vest.  I mean I would rec u buy one eventually.  I got mine at sports authority called the "Aqua Jogger"  What I liked abt it was that it came with a belt and tether so you can do intervals.  Hook it up to a lane hook.  I also ordered one on line.  Google pool running and you'll get lots of ideas.  also, I always warm up and cool down without the vest and if I'm doing a steady pool "run" like a 60min even pace workout, I go without the vest to make it harder.  Lots of really good runners use the pool running as a way to keep injury free.  Ck it out.  
  17. I watched a few videos and tried pool running with no floatation belt.  I just couldn't get it right, (mostly treaded water and bobbed up and down) so I swam some laps instead.  That didn't go so well either.  Even though I tried to take my time and pace myself, I had to breathe too often.  It was impossible for me to wait until every 3rd or 5th stroke to turn my head to the side and suck in some air.  I was inhaling the pool instead.
    I'm thinking about getting a snorkel so I can just keep my head down.
  18. Hmm interesting u couldn't get the hang of pool running...maybe give it another shot. Yeah get a snorkel set. This way u can just focus on the swim workout itself and not the breathing.
  19. That is not how to swim, you should be taking a breath every single stroke.
  20. Be nice dude. He's cross training.

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