train crash (not trainwreck)

Discussion in 'General' started by splitn phillies, Jul 24, 2007.

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    i was watching this and its a trippy video. :eek: you can see a someone making a run for it to the left of the other train at 0:43, or 0:24 since this one runs counting down.
  2. Crazy shit
  3. holy crap that was insane. I saw that guy make a jump for it too
  4. LOL that shit is crazy........
  5. definately trippy.
  6. I wonder if that dude made it out ok. I mean sure he got out of the train but I hope it didn't like land on top of him or some shit.
  7. Even if that train is just going 20 mph, just think of the tonnage. That's a massive amount of inertia keeping that train heading straight. A juggernaut of a crash.

  8. i was thinkin that, but when they collided he wasnt really at a safe distance:eek::cry:
  9. Ohh I finally see the person. Damn that's insane. From where the train collided it seems like it'd go his way, but yea, I hope he's alright...
  10. hes 6 feet underground right now, they probably had to pry him off the train with a giant spatula, theres no way that trian didnt fall on him unless he got up quick and ran away

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