trailer for The Grass City Movie

Discussion in 'General' started by kleiny, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. here it is i posted about sendin me your vids and pics and didnt get the ammount of pics and vids that i was hopin for so heres a trailor of the grass city video that will be released on GC on 4/20/06 to give you an idea of what it will be
    Please post/ send pics and vids my email is

    ^^a link for now ill embed a player later when youtube stops sucking^^
    its short but more is shure to com... if you help me by sending in your media I CANT DO IT WITHOUT YOU!!!

  2. Lookin good man, just need more videos come on people send that man some vids! haha
  3. badass trailer klein... wat editor do you hav man??
  4. sony vegas 6.0 on this pc and a sick avid system on a quad core power mac G4 at the ABMI station that we just updated
  5. i'm no longer sure about a movie but i'll dig up some pics
  6. lookin good, i'm really liking the bg song on the intro.i'll try and get a vid of me toking up before 4/20.if youtube ever works for me that is.
  7. kleiny... check yo email in a little... im bout to send you some shit.

  8. Damn son, just DL'ed that shit -- decent lil dutch :) at first i was like "oh shit, blueberry yum yum!" and then CAN I GET HIGH came up and i was like DAMN THIS DUDE GOT SOME SMOKIN SONGS.

    I am plannin on usin "can i get high" for a video that im making for so it was nice to see someone else knows it and likes it enough to use it.

    What kinda cam were u usin to get that video? I need to upgrade my shit so i can have some high quality blazin. +rep for the tight vid, hope some of it gets chopped into the GC boy
  9. I was using my Sony PD-170, it's an awesome little piece of machinery.
  10. Dude, you spent 3-4 grand on a camcorder? christ you could buy a pound or 2 with that:(
  11. Nope, I got it for free. Plus I want to be a film director, and I'm going to use this PD-170 to make little movies wiht my friends and whatnot. I'm going to school for television production in a few months, and you get projects to do and this will definately be useful during that.
  12. That's intense.
  13. DirtyPete, thats tight. If i upgrade, it def. wont be something THAT good lol

    Right on though, good luck wid ur school
  14. what school? im prob goin to Lyndon state in VT, you should look into their communications program, they won an emmy in 2004 for their program. also they have an in house news station that brodcasts regularly to upstate VT
  15. Any news on the video?
  16. I do believe it was finished and put in another for it, you might find the video, i remember seeing one
  17. Cool, thanks.

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