Traffic Stop Results In Me Losing My Piece

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  1. First off, what's up GrassCity I'm always on here just never felt the need to register because I usually had my questions answered :smoke:
    Anyways, I'm riding back with my buddy from Cleveland OH to Ohio University when he gets pulled over for going 71 in a 55. Sucks I know but my dude is an anxious person and let them search the car. Hour and half later he's charged with poessison and one charge for his piece (on top of the speeding ticket..poor lad)
    My charge is a minor misdemeanor charge for my bowl (RIP Spyro). Good thing is it's an $150 fine, no jail time and no criminal record as it's a mm. My question is will my license be suspended? I was reading that it may result in a 6 month suspension. That would suck because I have to commute to work and if that happens, I, in essence, will be unemployed.
    This is my first "drug" offence (marijuana should be legal).
    Chances? Should I contest this or just plead guilty and roll the dice with my license?
    All feedback is welcome guys/gals :hello:

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    Welcome to the city of stoners. Where everything we smoke is potent. Contest and see who wins first place.
  3. your friend is an idiot for letting them search... you never consent to searches whether or not you have anything illegal in the car. if a cop brakes something after you've given consent its on you.
  4. Your in a bad position and caught red handed b/c the driver allowed the search. I say plead guilty to the charge. I think if you got clean and proved it to the judge they would be easier on you.
  5. An ex coworker of mine did get his license suspended for a paraphernalia ticket.

    But he was also the driver though.

    Since u weren't operating the vehicle, u should be okay... I hope so at least!

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    Yea you will lose your license. Im from ohio and been busted and lost mine. You can check out for the laws. Thats the worst part about a possession charge. Its bullshit, even if youre not driving you lose your license.

    Edit: also it will stay on your record for employers to see until you get it expunged, and you cant get your ccw until its expunged either, if your into guns. Just look into getting it expunged asap.

    Edit2: directly from "Any drug conviction (including a paraphernalia conviction) may result in a driver's license suspension for a period of 6 mos - 5 years."

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  7. Thanks for the quick replies guys!
    So should I pleade guilty and perhaps ask for some deal with community service hours in lieu of losing my right to drive for half a year?
    Also do minor charges like this have the potential to fuck up my financial aid? My head says no seeing as it's the lowest charge possible.
    I'm planning on becoming more active on here y'all are so nice
  8. fuck! remind me not to go to Ohio....
  9. I never plead guilty to anything, always "no contest" even if i know im guilty. That may just be me, but if you say guilty the judge wont look at anything and she/he just puts down guilty, when you plead "no contest" shell glance over the file making sure everythings legit and there is always that chance something got screwed up that the judge will see and you get off on a technicality....

    u wont be able to make a deal...i had to do some community service anyway. Like 16 hours or something. Its been a couple years. And i was on financial aid and nothing happened with that, so i wouldnt see why it would effect you@ any different. My total fine was about $180 including court costs. You should be able to get privilages if you go to school and work. And i was allowed to go to the grocery store and bank and gas station cause i was living alone.

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  10. Nobody should ever willingly come to ohio lol.

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  11. i was under the impression from the Drew Carey theme song that Cleveland
  12. Drew Carey is wrong. Cleveland doesn't rock at all haha cloudy weather and home to shit sports teams.
    Anyways thanks a lot Flawless you eased my mind. I can deal with it all could always be worse. Definitely looking to expunge it ASAP as you said and see if they let me go to work and the grocery store and what not. Thanks for all your replies!

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