Trader Joe's Organic Hemp Protein Powder --- this label will blow your mind

Discussion in 'General' started by gardenfresh, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Okay so TJ's not too long ago started carrying a vanilla flavored organic hemp protein supplement. look at this.

    A) the container is bright green.
    B) the insides look like a huge tub of keif.
    C) check out what the product description says on the side of the label:

    "Isn't it HIGH time you tried something new? Then try hemp! Hemp is a good source of protein that is HIGH in Omega-3, HIGH in Omega-6, and HIGH in fiber. And, Trader Joe's Vanilla Flavored Organic Hemp Protein Powder comes HIGHLY recommended by folks we hold in very HIGH esteem."

    True story, i just capitalized the "highs" for dramatic effect.

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  2. That's badass, I love Trader Joe's. Too bad Arkansas isn't cool enough to have one. :rolleyes:
  3. hah thats kick ass. i have some hemp hand cream that is very effective.

    for the protein powder tho. i dunno if thats good isnt hemp really high in insoluable fiber?
  4. Hahaha, tight shit that does look like kief. Yea, hopefully soon people will realize the magical properties of hemp and make MJ legal :D
  5. this is why i miss CA and TJ's :(
  6. they got some deals, although it weirds me out how all their produce is wrapped in plastic
  7. Maybe it's keif in disquise......blaze it.
  8. i miss trader joes.. cant find 2 buck chuck anywhere else..
  9. i just called my local TJ's and asked if they had some in stock and they said yes. they sell for 9.99.

    then i asked if i can smoke it, then the lady said "no, its not that kind" and laughed.

  10. thats what im saying! :metal:

    i need to move back to CA fuuuuuck
  11. i feel bad for you guys being a TJ's about 3 mintues down the street!
    i like this too i alwasy take prtoein before practice in the form of natrual foods but i might have to pick this up aswell!
    OP how much was it for one?

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