tracking number not valid?

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  1. so i made my first order from the vault my package according to tracking said it cleared customs and my package was in jamaica ny after it left ny customs now my tracking number cant be found did my package get taken?
  2. if it did you will get a letter from the USPS telling you that seeds are not legal in the US and they destroyed them, it happened to me but they didn't do any thing and it has been over a year.
  3. man i hope it didnt get taken by customs as i have no other way to get good seeds. the vault has guaranteed delivery but im afaid if this package got took so will the next one i did stealth delivery and all that
  4. the vault cannabis bank.
    they say if your package is take by 3 party, they will send it off again until you get it. all you have to do os email them or call them
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    I have a pack as well from the vault that hasn't shown so I feel you op. Second package sent too and not even a letter yet received from the first attempt and its been since the 27th of February. Im just hoping it clears this time around.

    Edit: sorry if I confused people, I meant customs when talking bout a letter. The Vault resent after I contacted them. Also had two from bonza get through around the same time just to compare time. Both only took only 11 days
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  6. they from uk

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