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  1. For any avid gamer (like say, myself :p ) this isn't news as such, although to me it was a new presentation, so thanks.

    Been waiting for this since it was announced a year or so ago. I've always loved "toy" games like Simcity, Civ and Railroad Tycoon. Open ended and sandbox.

    I foresee many late nights and weekends disappearing in a black void named Spore :D
  2. Yea, i will definitely be getting lost in this game hahaha

    I can't wait to play it, i read about it once when it was early in development, but not much since then. Anyone know when it's going to be released??

    I think i'll be a spiteful god :devious: don't fuck up !!!:D

    I also wanna see what crazy shit people will come up with.....I have to say this is by far the most creative game i've seen....don't get me wrong, there are plenty of VERY creative games, but do many make you think as much about life and the possibility of space travel/colonization and evolution as much as this??? It's just spectacular.

    +REP, i really enjoyed that video
  3. I thought it was supposed to come out in January of '08.
  4. Oh yeah, Spore.

    I'm totally psyched. I hate how they keep pushing back the release date. It's such a cock tease.
  5. Is that game a download from online or purchased from a store?? How much does it cost??

    the idea is awesome. i'm quite interested
  6. I'm hoping that it will be available for Mac users. If not, looks like I'm gonna have to fire up the old windows machine (new dell).

  7. you can run windows on macs mang.
  8. I heard of it, but don't know anyone that has one to tell me it works fine.
  9. ah thank you for posting that. been checking out all the new talks. You guys got to check out the Steven Pinker: A brief history of violence clip. puts some things into perspective.
  10. It works fine, provided your Mac has an Intel chip.
  11. I wouldn't know about computers enough to know if my laptop has an Intel chip or not. This laptop was given to me from my sister, and I know she got it in 2002...It's a Powerbook G4.

    OK, Will Wright (creator of Spore and Sim) said it's not going to be released for Mac, yet. Eventually he wants it to be on every platform possible, including cellphones. And also trading cards and 3-d model toys. It was originally called SimEverything but liked Spore because it didn't contain the word 'Sim'.

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