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Toys R Us

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SloToke, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. I recently had an interview at Toys R Us, and it appears that I will get the job if my background check clears. I have the following concerns:

    Will Toys R Us drug test me?
    If so, what kind of drug test?
    Will I be subjected to random drug tests?

  2. sweeeeeeeeeeeeet mannnnnnn. get high and look at toys all day = paradise

    cant answer your question, prob varies from store to store. my guess would be no, but stop smoking now anyway just in case

  3. Man good luck.
    I don't know about the drug tests...
    but I've known people who have worked there and they hated it!
    The kids get so loud and crazy and the parents are just as bad.
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    In preparation for the interview; I have incorporated the following precautionary steps into my daily routine:
    I Jog Twice A Week (helps eliminate fat cells--THC is stored in fat cells)
    I go to the sauna once a week (Sweating helps remove toxins like THC from your body)
    I have increased my water Intake. (Increased Urination "flushes your system")

    I will continue these steps for the next few weeks (Perhaps, they drug test the first week, the second week, or who knows when?) However, I will still smoke pot once or twice a week. Will I be able to pass?
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    Yeah, I can imagine the incredible hell whole it transforms into near Christmas. I will be working from 10am to 6pm--(Late Night "Stocker") YAHOO, NO CUSTOMERS! However, when the store switches to Holiday hours it will be open until Midnight, but how many insomniac childeren can there possibly be roaming the aisles of a Toys R Us from 10pm to 6am?
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    I don't know about you, but 10am-6pm seems like prime time

  7. that's what i was thinking.

    and when it's open till midnight it won't be any children coming in but i'm sure tons of last minute shoppers would think toys R us would be the best place to go for last minute shopping for a child

    still sounds like it wouldn't be bad at all
  8. They dont, or at least for me they didnt

    You would think this but due to the fact its about Christmas, they got him for seasonal. I worked there in Christmas '05 and I found hell....
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    Thank you,
    Would you mind answering another question? What state do you live in? If that is too personal, what region do you live in?
  10. All of the retail/restaurant jobs that I've worked at have sent me to take a drug test at a lab at the end of my interview. This is before they've officially hired me.
  11. Oh, so most jobs that drug test actually test at the interview? That makes me feel a lot better.
  12. He must have meant 10pm-6am...
  13. Yeah, that is what I meant...;)
    Sorry everyone for any confusion!
  14. That sounds much better but thats a pretty shitty shift still, I worked 2yrs at a cvs warehouse 11-7 & oooo man does 3rd shift beat up on you quick.
  15. I used to work there and they didnt drug test, I live in Canada though. I worked in the electronics section and it wasnt bad, it still got ridiculously busy around christmas though.
  16. yea they drug test
  17. Where do you live?
    Were you temporary or a "real" employee?
  18. get fake pee

  19. im in florida, and the website says they test everywhere. I went in for the interview and they told me i had 24 hours to take a drug test at a specified lab and i just never went because i knew i wasnt gonna pass.

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