towelie from south park

Discussion in 'General' started by magnier7, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. is towelie not the most hilarious thing you ever seen. a towel gettin high. i would love to smoke a doobie with him. what a man
  2. Yeah actually he is pretty cool. I don't EVER see him in episode re runs or anything anymore. TBH i dont think i have seen him since i started toking. but from what i can remember he was pretty funny. that one episode where he had to save the world or something was pretty damn funny
  3. No your a towel!!
  4. that shits so old...but still funny
  5. Towlie was a great character, to bad he just doesn't randomly pop up in a few episodes anymore...," Wanna get High??". That episode where he saved the world is awsome, he has to decided between getting high and saving the kids... so he chooses both.. just hilarious stuff.
  6. Dont forget to bring a towel!
  7. towlie is bomb.
    "okay, just let me get a little high first"...
  8. That's it! That's the melody to funky town!
  9. I hate towlie.
  10. Wanna get high?


    oh wait "I know i can remember if i get a little high"
  11. a million little fibers
  12. [ame=]YouTube - Towlie - A Tribute[/ame]
  13. Usually I hate everything having to do with South Park, or either of its creators. Towlie is occasionally funny though.

    True Story: Middle of a Sesh one of my friends gets a text from his mom. "Don't forget to bring a towel". To this day we don't know if she knew the reference, or it was a mixup.

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