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Tout le monde a couru les allemands viennent!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Je suis stylez, m'entendre r0ar

    a propos sa ma poste mon premier millier. meh de fumée un bol cause j'ai reçu aucun! oui im copyin de hempress d'u;) r0ar

    first one to translate this gets a free prize of their choice.

    and remember children....

    La marijuana est bonne!
  2. Well according to Babelfish it's:

    Everyone ran German come! I am stylez, to hear me r0ar by the way his my post office a my first meh thousand of smoke a bowl I cause received any! yes im copyin of hempress of U r0ar

    I'll take my prize in twenties please.
  3. LOL

    babblefish is a little cracked out today in its translation!

    was more like

    Everyone run, the germans are coming!

    I am Stylez, hear me r0ar.
    By the way this is my post number 1000
    Smoke a bowl for me cause I dont have any

    and you forgot at the bottom

    Marijuana is good!

    congrats tho ;) atleast someone replies :p
  4. My french (is that what it is?) begins and ends with the fries.

    Congrats on a thousand though. And Yes, I will partake for you.
  5. lol ty smokie ;)

    btw blix here ya go

    merry chrismtas

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