Toughest strain?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Redempting, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Whats the toughest strain that can take the most shit and still do decent.

    ha thanks
  2. id say northern lights, easy to grow cause they can go through extreme weather and still survive and hard to kill with fertilizer if growing in soil, and still comes out pretty potent
  3. Agreed on the NL, nice and early too, think late Sept.
    Durban Poison- Just as easy but done around oct 5-10th in NorCal
    Sour D- Monster late yeilds
  4. I'd go with Headband. I put a couple seed out in the mountains last season in february, in a Blackberry patch. Tons of bugs, freezing temps in veg, very little water in flower, and the things still put out some frosty buds. With better care it can be amazing. Always tastes great, always smokes great. Tough as nails plants. I love headband. I bought some Sour Kush aka Headband from reserva privada and was gifted a blueberry headband seed that I plan to grow this upcoming season.
  5. I would think toughest strain is mexican dirt weed.. i bet that crap could grow in concrete.. when I was a kid we had a big brick of compacted mex and found the sole of a converse shoe compressed in the middle of it.. tiny little seeds everywhere tasted like shit.. stems.. shit got you high in a pinch though.. lol..
  6. Afghan kush
  7. sour diesal is a bitch i perfer indicas

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