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Discussion in 'General' started by WeedManJF, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, so basically im a 19 year old man living with my 2 parents. Dad smokes too, not sure if mom does, but shes cool with the fact that i smoke and my dad smoke. Now i want to start a small indoor grow but i really have no idea how to ask since they are both paranoid people. My outdoor grow consisting of 10 plants has just been robbed from me so im in need of soem more little baby girls to raise. Any thoughts? thansk guys
  2. "Mum, Dad, can I grow a plant or three in the house?"

    If they know you smoke it shouldn't be any harder than that..
  3. Just ask. Be like "hey would it be cool if I had a little indoor grow? I'll give you some of the harvest since it's your house"

    The worst he can do is say no, in which case you have to respect his decision since it's his house, and he's the one risking losing everything.
  4. Yea the thing is, im pretty sure my dad would be cool with it, its just my mom. Although i love her to death shes just a dumb woamn who thinks if you have 1 plant in your house, the house is gunna get raided that night. she is the one who i need to convince somehow
  5. ask your dadfirst and if he says yes ask him if he would keep it between you and him and its just something mommy doesnt need to know :)
  6. ask your dad if he'd be cool with it
    then ask him to help you convince your mom. i mean he's known her longer than you have and knows her better

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