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Tough Call

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tree420, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. ok, so my guy has three types of dank. one is 55 an eigth. one is 65 an eigth. and one is 75 an eigth. 75 is medical. this guy is reputable because once i smoked white widow or something he had and literally saw like bright colors on things that weren't that color and tracers and junk. point is, this guy has bomb ass weed. and also keep in mind that he is the only guy anywhere around me that has dank. seriously. we only have mids and dirt weed here. no name strains like sour d or anything pass through the area. and this isnt like dank doesn't pass through often. IT NEVER DOES. but my point it, i want some bomb ass weed but is 75 worth it? he told me a joint would have me crashed for hours and i believe him. what do u guys think
  2. go with the 55 because anything above 60 is a rip.
  3. ^ what he said, I beleive chronic is generally $60 a 1/8...
  4. It all depends on where you live and who you're buying from. I can get an eigth of beasters for $60. Dank can go up to $70. I just resently got an eigth of Northen Lights for $70.

    If you got the money and want to by some dank, then go for it. I usually try to switch it up though.
  5. I would ask him to see the three different buds.

    Then you can decide if the medical stuff is worth the extra $20
  6. I don't see a problem at 75 an 8th of medical, got medical bubba kush which was some of the stickiest bud i have seen in a while for 70 an 8th, 10-15bucks more and you'll really notice the difference. now if its just chronic though then 60 is the most you should pay for it.
  7. get the medical, it may cost more but it's better, meaning you'll smoke less at once (hopefully) and thus it'll last longer
  8. i would say go to this place.
    check out all three beside of each other.
    find out what strains they are (what kind of high it is)
    then make your choice.
    because in the end, the cheapest might be what you like the most.

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