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Discussion in 'General' started by Bella, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. i just joined. but the only reason i did is because i want some help. Ok don't hate on me but i don't smoke weed, maybe once in a big fucken while, but my friends birthday is coming up and she is like thee biggest pothead out of all my friends who smoke except like my mom and her boyfriend, they are the biggest i know, mostly because they are dealers but anyway I am going to get my friend a bag for her birthday and i want to get her some more stuff to go with it like to enhance it, so if you guys can tell me like what's the best things and also this is something i never really got is how to roll a joint, i tried a few times but gave up and had someone else. and i know i might sound so stupid and childish but hey it'd be cool if anyone can help. gracias

    P.S. what is ganja?????
  2. Hey bella,

    Look here for a site on rolling some killer joints

    roll her a really cool joint like the Diamond or Tulip. That would be so personal - and you could smoke it together!

    You could get her a smoking device like a glass pipe or a glass bong. Or what about a subscription to Cannabis Culture or High Times?

    Chances are there is a head shop (a shop that sells weed accessories ) in your town. Thay would have a lot of cool shit there that your friend would like

  3. genieadventures has some great ideas, that's also a kickass link!
    if she already has a cool piece, you can always get her a padded bag to store it in @ a local headshop. or, if you can't afford a piece, get her a neat hand-blown glass jar to hold her nugs in... and even if that's too much, go to Michael's (or any crafts store), get an airtight glass jar, and personalize it for her ~ that'd be pretty cool, i think!

    i totally liked the idea of the high times subscription, but maybe not if she lives w/ her anti-smoking parents?? who knows!

    oh, and ganja is a term for marijuana, btw... and i can't roll j's for shit, and i've been a toker for 7 years :D

    happy birthday to your friend~
  4. pack a blunt (with a tip that is), thats the easiest....or u could buy a roller from the city and just include that in the gift

    ganja is just another term for weed
  5. I always love new glass. A glass pipe, bong, bubbler anything beutiful and blown.

    and btw ganja is just a term for marijuana (jamaican i think)

  6. hey yo thanksfor the feedback, i don't think i would go as far to get her a bong because she told me like the other night her and some other people had a bong and they didn't know how to use it. but yeah there is a head shop here and i mean i have been in there with like my mom and cousin so it's nothing new but now i just have to go there and chose what i think would be cool. but thanks for the feedback it was nice as hell of y'all!

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