Totally lost on what kind of light I need HELP

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by DevilRed, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Okay so I have a box about ready to go for growing a mum this winter. The box is 3'x 2.5'x 2.5' all white on the inside with a fan, etc.

    Anyhow I don't plan to flower, just grow a mum to take clones from this March.

    So what the hell kind of bulbs and how many do I need? Ive searched and read and am totally lost. I would like to get something cheap and simple.

    Then if I do want to flower the plant, what is the difference? What bulbs would I use? This way I know what bulbs NOT to get.

    Lastly to keep my plant from wanting to flower if I keep it at 15 hours of light all winter I should be okay, right?
  2. k for the veg stage u need 18hrs of light and 6hrs dark or 24hrs light and 0 dark.
    Flourescent tubes are good for vegging but aint good for flowering,
    Compact flouros are the same but smaller and fit into normal light sockets,
    Hps is the best all rounder,good for veg and flowering,a worthwhile investment.
    hope that helps,
    Good luck
  3. yes that does help

    So, what do floros cost vs HPS? Can I buy each at say K-mart or do I need to visit a special shop for either.

    Thanks guys.
  4. Veg box.

    Just get flouro's, it will save you so much hassle.

    Cool blue.

    Flour's for mum cabs are great as you can get the flouro's right down close to the plants and get the tightest node spacing you'll ever see. Perfect for cutting sources.

    I prefer strip flouro's to CF's despite the slightly higher price/lower wattage as in a mum box IMHO light distribution is as important as intensity to allow all nodes to get good light. The tubes provide this better distribution for me with less hassle than the CF's.

    That's just my tuppence though.
  5. okay so lets say I get some flouros to put in my box.

    How close will they need to be to the plant? I need to know this so I know how many to get.

    My box will be 3' high the 2' measures will be the width and length. So if I put a a pair of flouros on two of the sides, should that do it? So with the plant in the middle the plant would be about 7-9" on each side from a light.

    Will flouros also do for my clones once I start them?
  6. Yes flouro's are perfect for clones too,
    As for distance about 2-3" should be ok, put your hand in front of the lights and if its too warm for your hand then its too warm for them so move it back further,
    u can also use side lighting as well if u want ,
    That about covers it,
    so u need :
    lights (flouro's)
    light moving system (to move light up and down)
    and cable and plugs,
  7. Thanks fellas!!!

    Im guessing the more light the beter. Im going to put a light on top, and one on two of the sides. The lights I will be using are long tubes(in pairs). So six lights inside a white box for 20 hours.

    I can't wait until my outdoor grow start to show sex so I know what one to start some clones off off.

    I also have a few that are very small, only about 12" this late in the year. I wonder if I could just transplant one of them into a nice pot for my mum.
  8. y u want to grow mums?
  9. probably to grow more plants in the summer:)

    (oh yeah) 150w HPS $45, home depot

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