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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Getting close to 6,000 members. The site is growing well.

    Almost 95,000 post.

    We are getting biger by the day.

    Welcome to all the new mwme\bers and HIGH to all the regular members.
  2. i know i dont post much but im going to start.I checked the boards everyday.Good luck to everyone and happy tokings

  3. I have not been a member long but look...I have over 50 posts.
  4. I am talking about the site in general..

    We have a great number of members and a lot of post.

    We appreciate all our members.
  5. Well im glad that we have a site that we can come to to and talking about toking and smoking and not worry about it.Keep up the good work.We're like are own little town of toker.
  6. Us mods and Administrators try to keep the site a good place to be.. We love this place as if it were our only
  7. i absolutely love this place. i can come here and talk about pretty much anything without having to worry about being judged all the time. it's great how people here are so accepting of all different kinds of people.

    the mods do an excellent job of keeping this place in order when needed...

    i'm glad to see this place growing the way it is. hopefully it will continue to do so for years and years to come.
  8. yah guys.... i love this place too... i'm relatively new, and not a hardcore poster.... but i read everything... even the repeated posts...

    i haven't posted once in the growing section... but the info in there is GREAT!! my female is growing up to be a strong one!!

    happy toking to everyone!!
  9. yeah i love this place i hope its here for years to come
  10. hehehe, those smilies is an excellent graphic (tiled background) hehehe.
  11. Yup those smilies are great critter.. The bunch of'em.
  12. I love the my second home.

    But, I have a dream today...and I see the direction the growing section is taking. I have a dream today that one day we won't have to depend on overgrow for everything.

    Happy Martin Luther King day...

    ya know what's funny...MLK was all about non-violence.

    But on every MLK Boulevard in America there's some violence going down.

    I'm high and my $.02

  13. Two statements:

    #1 - 95,000 posts on this site and I bet Norman has made half of those.

    #2 - there is a certain location nearby that you can stand and see where Jefferson Davis was sworn in as the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War and then you can turn 180 degrees around and see the front door of the church where Martin Luther King started the civil rights movement.

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