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  1. shows funny. people do stupid things and it gets video tapped and put online for me to laugh at.
  2. Oh hell yeah, fucking hilarious show...Kind of like talk soup, but a bit more edge to it...
  3. i just watched daniel shoot up a starburst.... the juice is loose!
  4. any love for this show?
  5. i think its hilarious.

    the comments people put on his twitter thing about him like sucking and stuff are hilarious as well.
  6. I think its a good show. I watch it when its on. They are finally gettin new episodes. I am tired of watching the same 5 episodes over and over. :D
  7. i can't wait till steven makes a web redemption. tonights episode was funny.
  8. Just watched the season premiere of Tosh 3.0. Good shit, as always. Only just started watching this show a couple weeks ago and I've seen 'em all now.

    This mofo is hilarious, and the season premiere did not disappoint...except when it ended :(

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